Gleaning Fruit Trees With Spokane Edible Tree Project

04.01.2023 in Orchards

Orchards.  Spokane County is lucky to have a network of about 30 fruit growers identified as the Green Bluff Growers. SETP has worked with about 8 of these orchards during the gleaning season and hopes to work with many more as they become more visible…

Backyard Harvests with Spokane Edible Tree Project

04.01.2023 in Fruit Tree Harvest

Spokane’s neighborhoods are filled with fruit trees. According to a 2012 tree mapping completed by the city of Spokane, there are around 7,000 potentially edible trees throughout the city. This means that there is an abundance of fresh fruit and nuts that can be used…

Fruit Tree Gleaning Tools with Spokane Edible Tree Project

04.01.2023 in Fruit Tree Harvest

Orchard Ladders Orchard ladders, or tripod ladders, have three legs to increase stability and allow gleaners to position the ladder securely between branches when picking high fruit. They’re available in various heights. Spokane Edible Tree Project owns 10-foot orchard ladders, which are secured to a…

Fruit Tree Education Series with Spokane Edible Tree Project

04.01.2023 in Education

Since its inception, SETP has been committed to educating the community about fruit tree care and food preservation. They have offered a variety of classes such as fruit tree pruning, apple cider vinegar making, and best fruit varieties for the Inland Northwest. Many individuals in…

Gleaning Procedure with Spokane Edible Tree Project

04.01.2023 in General/ Logistics

Contact the Tree Owner SETP always gets permission before gleaning. Gather information about the tree(s) and the property with assistance from the tree owner. Details to gather: Tree owner’s contact information Tree types Number of trees Tree heights Location of the trees on the property…

Market Recovery with Spokane Edible Tree Project

04.01.2023 in Market Recovery

Spokane Edible Tree Project expanded their produce recovery efforts to include the local farmers’ market in 2017. Twice a week, SETP volunteers arrived at the Spokane Farmers’ Market at closing time to pick up donations from vendors. Here’s how it worked during its inaugural year:…

Cull Recovery with SoSA Georgia

21.12.2022 in Culls/ Harvested

Special Note** culls that are not significantly damaged but not market quality can be safely recovered with small groups of volunteers properly trained in food safety. Not a family-friendly event but an efficient way to recover produce. This can be a messy and physical event,…

Produce Recovery with Society of St. Andrew MS

20.12.2022 in Market Recovery

Anywhere where there is an accumulation of food, there is waste, and can result in a need for gleaning! This can occur at a trucking company, farmers market, grocery store, farm, packaging warehouse, and even at produce stands. Anytime produce is accumulated, there can be…

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