Demonstration Garden at Okanogan Food Bank

27.12.2023 in Farms/ Gardens

OCCAC started an on-site demonstration garden located at the Okanogan food bank and distribution center in 2009.  Successive gardens have been planted, maintained, and harvested through 2012, with plans for continual use of this educational tool and fresh produce source for the adjacent food bank….

Make a Process Map with WA State Gleaning Network

27.12.2023 in General/ Logistics

When tackling any project, it’s crucial to maintain a record of what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. This could be as simple as creating a process map. You can use many different platforms including a Google Doc, Word file, or a spreadsheet to…

How to Begin with WA State Gleaning Network

27.12.2023 in General/ Logistics

In the early stages of her assignment in year one of a three-year VISTA project, Sarah faced a project without clearly defined boundaries, granting her a unique opportunity for creative freedom. But this freedom came with the challenge of thinking innovatively and utilizing unfamiliar tools…

Learning What Doesn’t Work with WA State Gleaning Network

22.12.2023 in Development

In July of 2023, it became clear that the network needed a space to collaborate outside of the monthly meetings. Schedules did not always permit organizations to participate in monthly meetings and often did not provide enough time to really dig into deeper topics. The…