Learning What Doesn’t Work with WA State Gleaning Network

22.12.2023 in Development

In July of 2023, it became clear that the network needed a space to collaborate outside of the monthly meetings. Schedules did not always permit organizations to participate in monthly meetings and often did not provide enough time to really dig into deeper topics. The…

Produce Buyers Club Overview with Concrete Jungle

24.04.2023 in Produce Purchasing

Written by Meggie Stewart, Communications and Program Expansion VISTA. The Concrete Jungle Produce Buyers Club (PBC) purchases imperfect produce from local farms for distribution to nonprofit partners in the Atlanta area at a discounted price.  How does PBC work? Concrete Jungle works with their farm…

Education at Tacoma Farmers Market

31.03.2023 in Education

Written by Danyelle Neumann, Fresh Express Mobile Farmers Market VISTA.  Key to introducing healthier choices into people’s lives is educating the public on the produce available during the season. This includes how to prepare different kinds of produce they may not be familiar with. Such…