Nutritional Density with Farm to Community

09.05.2022 in General/ Logistics

Nutritional Density with Farm to Community at Harvest Against Hunger  Nutritional density is a factor that measures how nutritionally rich a food is, using the levels of 14 different vitamins and nutrients. This is a way to effectively measure how “healthy” a food is, “health”…

Fruit Tree Services at Green Urban Lunch Box

06.05.2022 in Fruit Tree Harvest

In the Salt Lake Valley, thousands of fruit trees grow in homeowners’ backyards, collectively producing hundreds of thousands of pounds of fresh fruit each year. The Green Urban Lunch Box’s FruitShare Program partners with fruit tree homeowners and community volunteers to harvest and distribute fruit…

Boston Food Hub with Boston Area Gleaners

06.05.2022 in General/ Logistics

The Boston Food Hub has existed in some form or another for Boston Area Gleaners over the past few years but has expanded greatly alongside the purchase of Stonefield Farm, which allowed BAG to transition the program into a wholesale buying program, as well as…

Creating a Communications Plan at Boston Area Gleaners

06.05.2022 in Communications

The Year 2 AmeriCorps member for Boston Area Gleaners worked on creating a communications plan for BAG that would serve as a current and future document, to exist beyond the AmeriCorps member’s term of service. The plan serves to reach the goal of communicating the…

Running a Capital Campaign at Boston Area Gleaners

06.05.2022 in Development

For the capital campaign, the purchase goal included preserving the value of Stonefield Farm. The fundraising goal of $4.1 million included not only the full purchase of the 51.5 acres of farmland and conservation land on Stonefield Farm, but also includes the cost of improvements…

The Henry Beauchamp Community Center at OIC

05.05.2022 in General/ Logistics

The Henry Beauchamp Community Center is found in Southeast Yakima at 1211 South Seventh Street. The facility offers a wide range of services, including a food pantry, a GED program, weekly food distribution, and youth and senior programs. A health clinic, kitchen, computer lab, gym,…

Volunteering at the OIC Food Bank

05.05.2022 in General/ Logistics, Volunteer Relations

Volunteer Process and Systems Overview Gleaning isn’t the only way to volunteer at OIC of Washington. Volunteers can donate their time at the OIC Food Bank, located at 1419 Hathaway Street in Yakima, Washington. The food bank is a part of the OIC campus, so…

Increasing Local Food Purchasing at Blue Mountain Action Council

29.04.2022 in Produce Purchasing

BMAC Food Bank is engaged with multiple programs that aid in food waste reduction and support local agriculture systems. Food banks are highly dependent on donations from grocery stores, individual contributions, and government contracts for fresh produce. BMAC operates a weekly grocery rescue program, collecting…

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