Gleaning Procedure with Spokane Edible Tree Project

04.01.2023 in General/ Logistics

Contact the Tree Owner SETP always gets permission before gleaning. Gather information about the tree(s) and the property with assistance from the tree owner. Details to gather: Tree owner’s contact information Tree types Number of trees Tree heights Location of the trees on the property…

Tabling with City Fruit

30.11.2022 in General/ Logistics

Written by Vera-Camille Ingressa, Fundraising and Development Specialist VISTA. Tabling is just like it sounds: laying information about an organization out on a table, sitting behind it, distributing that information, and answering questions. Simple enough, but why do it? Tabling is a good way to…

Self-care in the helping profession

23.05.2022 in General/ Logistics

Why is self-care important? Caring for ourselves and making sure our own needs are met ensures our health. It can also set a good example for the people around us to advocate for their health as well. When we are healthy physically and mentally, it’s…

Nutritional Density with Farm to Community

09.05.2022 in General/ Logistics

Nutritional Density with Farm to Community at Harvest Against Hunger  Nutritional density is a factor that measures how nutritionally rich a food is, using the levels of 14 different vitamins and nutrients. This is a way to effectively measure how “healthy” a food is, “health”…

Boston Food Hub with Boston Area Gleaners

06.05.2022 in General/ Logistics

The Boston Food Hub has existed in some form or another for Boston Area Gleaners over the past few years but has expanded greatly alongside the purchase of Stonefield Farm, which allowed BAG to transition the program into a wholesale buying program, as well as…

The Henry Beauchamp Community Center at OIC

05.05.2022 in General/ Logistics

The Henry Beauchamp Community Center is found in Southeast Yakima at 1211 South Seventh Street. The facility offers a wide range of services, including a food pantry, a GED program, weekly food distribution, and youth and senior programs. A health clinic, kitchen, computer lab, gym,…

Volunteering at the OIC Food Bank

05.05.2022 in General/ Logistics, Volunteer Relations

Volunteer Process and Systems Overview Gleaning isn’t the only way to volunteer at OIC of Washington. Volunteers can donate their time at the OIC Food Bank, located at 1419 Hathaway Street in Yakima, Washington. The food bank is a part of the OIC campus, so…

Gleaning from Start to Finish

29.04.2022 in General/ Logistics

Coordination Coordination starts with contacting farmers via phone or in person, whichever is most convenient, to ask if they have excess crops or are finished harvesting for the year. Some farmers have annual gleans with crops like apples, melons, or pumpkins. Other farmers who have…

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