Walla Walla Gleaning Model

15.10.2021 in General/ Logistics

Gleaning Model Walla Walla Community Harvest gleans produce from commercial farms and orchards, farmers markets and residential gardens and trees. Most of the gleaned produce is within Walla Walla, Columbia and Umatilla counties. The process of gathering information and planning is essentially the same for…

Location-Specific Donation Boxes

15.10.2021 in General/ Logistics

Take advantage of your community’s strengths!  Walla Walla and nearby College Place are both towns with strong religious communities. WWCH partnered with two religious institutions – a United Methodist church and the chaplaincy at the Seventh Day Adventist general hospital – to establish fresh produce…

Fruit Tree Gleaning at the Green Urban Lunch Box

17.11.2020 in Fruit Tree Harvest, General/ Logistics

The Green Urban Lunch Box’s (GULB) FruitShare program is a unique program that partners with fruit tree homeowners and community volunteers to harvest and distribute fruit that would otherwise go to waste. The harvested fruit is divided up between the tree owner, the volunteers who harvested it, and local hunger relief.

Summer Produce Pick-up at Community Food Share

31.03.2020 in Education, General/ Logistics

Most farms in the Boulder and Broomfield area are smaller, producing on 10 acres or less. With their smaller operation size, they also have smaller staff sizes. These farms find it difficult to donate as they do not have the means to deliver the produce they have after markets or when they have excess..

Community Engagement with the Community Action Center

20.03.2020 in Education, General/ Logistics

Engaging the community in gardening, cooking and nutrition education has been about continuing the dialogue with key community stakeholders and members from the Palouse Tables Project. Maintaining and engaging those relationships as well as cultivating new relationships are all key components of community engagement. Cultivating community engagement was a key component of the Community Educator Program..

Fruit Harvest: When Abundance Becomes too Much (Vashon Food Bank)

13.03.2020 in General/ Logistics

Effective gleaning programs frequently run into this problem each harvest season: all of the apple, pear, or plum trees ripen at the same time, and an organization gets overwhelmed with more produce than clients can take. Here are some tips for making use of extra produce in order to reduce overall food waste in your community..