Education at Tacoma Farmers Market

31.03.2023 in Education

Written by Danyelle Neumann, Fresh Express Mobile Farmers Market VISTA.  Key to introducing healthier choices into people’s lives is educating the public on the produce available during the season. This includes how to prepare different kinds of produce they may not be familiar with. Such…

Fruit Tree Education Series with Spokane Edible Tree Project

04.01.2023 in Education

Since its inception, SETP has been committed to educating the community about fruit tree care and food preservation. They have offered a variety of classes such as fruit tree pruning, apple cider vinegar making, and best fruit varieties for the Inland Northwest. Many individuals in…

Produce Education with WSU Extension Clallam County

29.08.2022 in Education

In order to engage volunteers, it is a good idea to expand their knowledge of local, available produce. New or unusual produce can be featured in the volunteer newsletter. This will encourage volunteers to come to gleaning events that might not otherwise interest them. A…

Promoting Gleaned Produce with Thurston County Food Bank

05.08.2022 in Education

Once you have established a gleaning program and have fresh vegetables and fruits coming through your food bank doors, it is important to make sure that clients know how to prepare and cook with the produce. When you develop a great gleaning partnership, it is…

Food Bank Nutrition with Second Harvest Tri-Cities

13.05.2022 in Education

The food bank, while not solely focused on nutrition education, should consider the opportunity to take compassion a step further. One way is to provide access to diverse foods of high nutritional value and the means to prepare them in an appetizing way. If anyone…

Education with Kitsap Public Health District

19.01.2022 in Education

During the second year of the program, Kitsap Harvest created 39+ new community partners. Most of these partners were accrued by providing education and gleaning resources to the staff and volunteers. We reached out to programs such as Kitsap Youth Leadership, WIC, Olalla Recovery Center,…

Nutrition Education with Hopelink

18.01.2022 in Education

Promoting nutrition requires more than just providing food.  It also involves education and outreach. Food bank clients have a diversity of knowledge, skills, and experiences with food that may vary by region, culture, or family. It is important to understand the needs of the people…

Nutrition and Cooking Education with Emergency Food Network

10.01.2022 in Education

It is important to not only increase the availability of fresh, local produce in food banks but also to help educate the food bank population on how to cook, prepare, and store gleaned produce.  This is particularly important when gleaning more unusual crops. First and…

Nutrition Education Through Field Trips with Clark County Food Bank

05.01.2022 in Education

Field trips are a great opportunity to connect with different student age groups, introduce them to local food issues, and even recruit future volunteers!  For the last three years, Clark County Food Bank has hosted around 125 second-grade students from a nearby elementary school to…

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