Moses Lake Giving Gardens

07.01.2022 in Farms/ Gardens

Giving gardens provide a space for the community to come together and begin to get their hands dirty, either as a hobby, or maybe even a new learning experience. Moses Lake was home to two Giving Gardens before Harvest Against Hunger arrived, one of which…

Gleaning and Culls in CSML

07.01.2022 in Culls/ Harvested

Central Washington is home to many large-scale farms and every event can result in a harvest of between six and 40 apple bins, which can hold up to 1,100 pounds of produce each. Thus, transportation and storage are crucial when working with such donation volumes….

U-Pick Program at City Fruit

07.01.2022 in U-Pick Gleaning

Written by Jordyn Egbert, Fundraising and Development Specialist VISTA As part of City Fruit’s Harvest Program, they offer community members the opportunity to participate in their U-Pick Program. This program provides tree owners the ability to harvest their tree and then contact the City Fruit…

Harvest Program at City Fruit

07.01.2022 in Fruit Tree Harvest

Written by Jordyn Egbert, Fundraising and Development Specialist Through City Fruit’s Harvest Program, their team and volunteers harvest roughly 40,000 pounds of fruit annually — good fruit that would otherwise go to waste — and redistribute this quality, local fruit throughout Seattle so it can…

Making the Most of Orchardist Donors

06.01.2022 in Orchards

When coordinating gleaning efforts in fruit growing areas, paying particular attention to orchardists as potential donors will likely provide a continual source of gleaning opportunities. While gleaning in orchards can result in an impressive increase in fresh fruit available in your regional emergency food system,…

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