Washington Gleaning Network

The Washington Gleaning Network is a network of organizations throughout Washington state who glean and support the work of gleaning locally. Together, we are working to grow the gleaning movement  and support the great work that gleaners do, to ultimately get more fresh local foods into the hands of those who need it most. 

Check out our YouTube playlist for recordings from each of our monthly meetings.

Gleaning Resources

Please have a look through our accumulation of a variety of gleaning resources from templates to legal issues to guidebooks. 

Funding Resources

Check out this section for a list of funding sources ranging from grant search sites to funding initiatives and related articles.

Advocacy Resources

Check out these resources on advocacy to learn more about creating positive change in regulation and policy.

Gleaning is the practice of collecting excess food from farms, gardens, and other sources to donate to those who need it. This can include food that is close to it’s  “sell by” date or crops that have been harvested but are maybe to small, too big or the wrong shape for the market, but are perfectly edible. 

The Washington Gleaning Network began as a brainstorm with AGO in 2021 on how to support the gleaning movement in a holistic way with regional or state-wide networks. The first pilot began in 2023 here in WA state between AGO and HAH. WA is particularly well suited with, as you will be aware, a very forward thinking hunger relief culture and some really robust agriculture. The gleaning movement is strong in WA state – where most have 3 or 5 or maybe 10 gleaning organizations, WA state has more than 40!`

As a network, we are regularly learning about important gleaning topics like safety in the field, distributing foods and gleaning from the farmers point of view. During the harvest season, we get together and get our hands in the dirt and glean, bringing that food back to our communities. And we allow a space for gleaners to come together to support each other with their challenges and their strengths. 

We are always looking for collaborative opportunities, to share resources and to connect folks together. So, please let us know when your organization needs help and we can work to redirect resources. Contact: gleaning@harvestagainsthunger.org

More than 40 organizations throughout Washington state are currently members of the Washington Gleaning Network.

See the interactive map below for more details including organization and any listed contact person(s).