Community Gardening and Education at OIC

26.02.2020 in Education

Despite the majority of Washington state’s food being grown in this fertile valley, people don’t have access, education or tools to it. Through a community garden, we can give individuals, especially children and clients of the food bank, an opportunity to learn basic gardening skills and grow their own fresh and healthy food..

Market Recovery at OIC

26.02.2020 in Market Recovery

Market Recovery Yakima Valley has an abundance of fresh fruits and veggies and the perfect venue to meet those who grow it is at the Downtown Yakima Farmers Market. Starting the weekend of Mother’s Day in May through the end of the growing season in…

U Pick Orchards Gleaning with Food for Others

25.02.2020 in U-Pick Gleaning

Since Food for Others is located in a highly urbanized/ suburbanized area, most commercial farms are at least a two-hour drive away. However, just 40 minutes away are a number of “pick-your-own” orchards, marketed to city folks who wish to spend a quiet day picking…

Community Gardens with Food for Others

25.02.2020 in Farms/ Gardens

The benefits of community gardens are endless. They provide fresh food to populations that are often underserved, offer a space to gather, connect and build relationships, and beautify neighborhoods. A community garden created in conjunction with a food bank can be both a provider of…

Farmers Market Recovery with Food for Others

25.02.2020 in Market Recovery

In Fairfax County, farmers markets are a gold mine for gleaning. Most of the farmers who sell at these markets are from more rural areas of the region and they bring truckloads of product with them since they know they can sell it at a…

Fruit Tree Harvest at Good Cheer Food Bank

25.02.2020 in Fruit Tree Harvest

Keeping a gleaning program going for the long term can be a challenge; volunteers come and go, tree donors may move away and sell their properties to new owners who aren’t familiar with the program, and the fruit harvest varies from year to year..

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