Walla Walla Gleaning Model

15.10.2021 in General/ Logistics

Gleaning Model Walla Walla Community Harvest gleans produce from commercial farms and orchards, farmers markets and residential gardens and trees. Most of the gleaned produce is within Walla Walla, Columbia and Umatilla counties. The process of gathering information and planning is essentially the same for…

Location-Specific Donation Boxes

15.10.2021 in General/ Logistics

Take advantage of your community’s strengths!  Walla Walla and nearby College Place are both towns with strong religious communities. WWCH partnered with two religious institutions – a United Methodist church and the chaplaincy at the Seventh Day Adventist general hospital – to establish fresh produce…

Walla Walla Pre-Picked Donations

15.10.2021 in Culls/ Harvested

Culls and harvested donations made a huge impact in the amount of produce WWCH received this year.  The Harvest VISTA would first contact growers to see how much extra produce was available and arranged a pick-up or drop-off.  WWCH has access to BMAC vehicles, so…

Celebrating Food with Fun & Education

15.10.2021 in Education

Cooking Classes Contact the local university extension office or county offices to inquire on availability of any cooking classes offered. The Walla Walla County Health Department offers samples of freshly cooked meals at several food banks using affordable and easy recipes. Coordinate with the class…

Community Food Forums

15.10.2021 in Education

Community Food Forums Many food bank clients who receive gleaned produce from WWCH or other community donations may not know how to efficiently use an abundance of seasonal fresh produce before it goes bad.  During sweet onion season, for example, WWCH brings in thousands of…

A Garden Produces!

15.10.2021 in Farms/ Gardens, Plant a Row/ Starts

Plant-a-row and starts Encourage gardeners to Plant an Extra Row (PAR) for the hungry. If possible, get seeds donated attached with a note with information about donating to local food banks. Distribute them at community events, schools, churches, and businesses or fill a basket with seeds and information to…

Produce Profiles

24.07.2021 in Education

Please feel free to share these fun and informative vegetable profile sheets at your food bank or program. English:  Arichokes Beets Broccoli Cabbage Cardoons Carrots Celeriac Chard Cilantro Cucumber Eggplants Green Beans Kale Kohlrabi Parsnips Potato Radishes Rapini Rhubarb Snow Peas Summer Squash Turnips Winter…

Growing Plant Starts with Elk Run Farm

16.04.2021 in Plant a Row/ Starts

Growing Plant Starts It is always a good idea to be looking for supplemental forms of income for a project such as Elk Run Farm, where most of the funds have been sanctioned for specific needs such as building physical infrastructure. Selling plant starts is a…

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