Growing Food, Growing Community with Lettuce Link

21.06.2024 in Plant a Row/ Starts

Growing Food, Growing Community (GFGC) is the product of a motivated group of neighborhood volunteers who wanted to put a backyard greenhouse to good use. Over the past few years, they have connected with Lettuce Link to grow high-quality plant starts for P-Patch food bank gardeners. In…

A Garden Produces!

15.10.2021 in Farms/ Gardens, Plant a Row/ Starts

Plant-a-row and starts Encourage gardeners to Plant an Extra Row (PAR) for the hungry. If possible, get seeds donated attached with a note with information about donating to local food banks. Distribute them at community events, schools, churches, and businesses or fill a basket with seeds and information to…

Growing Plant Starts with Elk Run Farm

16.04.2021 in Plant a Row/ Starts

Growing Plant Starts It is always a good idea to be looking for supplemental forms of income for a project such as Elk Run Farm, where most of the funds have been sanctioned for specific needs such as building physical infrastructure. Selling plant starts is a…

Plant Starts in Pierce County with Emergency Food Network

08.04.2020 in Plant a Row/ Starts

Towards the end of the growing season (October in Pacific NW), start visiting local stores and writing letters to seed companies asking for donations of last year’s seed. It helps to include your Employer Identification Number (EIN) in your letter to prove your organization’s non-profit status and to allow the donor to deduct donations from their taxes..