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We make connections to help get surplus produce to hungry people

As both a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and a program of Rotary District 5030, Harvest Against Hunger works with farmers, truckers, volunteers and others to bring valuable skills and resources into hunger relief efforts in communities across Washington state and beyond.

Below are lists of information, including our Mission Statement, Strategic Objectives, information about our Board of Directors and staff, policies, and financial reports.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding Harvest Against Hunger’s work, ongoing programs, partnerships or opportunities.

Big Picture: Mission, Vision, Strategies

  • Increasing access to nutritious foods builds healthier communities
  • Food loss and waste can be transformed into opportunities
  • Collaboration strengthens the hunger relief system
  • Ensuring equity of access to nutritious food across communities
  • Healthy food is a human right

To help feed hungry people with surplus nutritious produce, we:

Connect farmers, transportation providers and food banks;

Develop and share innovative hunger relief solutions; and,

Engage the public in hunger relief.

Develop strategies and best practices for three key areas impacting hunger and food waste:

1) The future of farming

2) The future of transportation and trucking

3) The future of food waste


Support and expand advocacy for legislation that addresses hunger issues at the city, county and state levels.

Assess and evaluate organizational activities and the effects of those activities to help reduce hunger and food waste.

  • HAH Board and staff are currently building a process for the organization to: 
  • Examine the items listed above 
  • Create a HAH Statement on Race Equity 
  • Develop an implementation plan for the HAH Statement on Race Equity 

Our People: Board and Staff

Adam Mihlstin – President

Bob Olson – Secretary

Stan Kehl – Treasurer

Julie Shott – Immediate Past President

Jim Tanasse – Member

Devon Ahud – Member

Rebecca Jay – Member

Morris Kremen – Member

Mariah Kimpton – Member

Ram Dutt – Member

Cary Young – Member

Pam Romine – Member

David Siebert – Member

Dina Craemer – Member

Jemal Idris – Member

Rodney Proctor – Member

Jan Levy – Member

Kimi King – Member

Trey Chenier – Member

Tom Buehrer – Member

David Bobanick – Executive Director

Katy Boehm – Program & Operations Director

Colleen Turner – Development Director

Maddie Price – Farm to Community Program Manager

Olivia Jackiewicz – Farm to Community Program Specialist

Maria Mendez-Francisco – Harvest VISTA Program Director

Marie-Yvonne Chase – Harvest VISTA Team Leader: Recruitment

Laura Kozuszek – Harvest VISTA Team Leader: Outreach

Our Policies

Click here to review our Whistleblower policy: Policy_whistleblower 2019

Click here to review our Non-Discrimination Policy: Policy_non-discrimination

Click here to see our Conflict of Interest Policy

Financial Information (990 Reports)

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