The Henry Beauchamp Community Center at OIC

05 May 2022, by Admin in General/ Logistics

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The Henry Beauchamp Community Center at OIC

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The Henry Beauchamp Community Center is found in Southeast Yakima at 1211 South Seventh Street. The facility offers a wide range of services, including a food pantry, a GED program, weekly food distribution, and youth and senior programs. A health clinic, kitchen, computer lab, gym, and children’s room are also found in the building.

The Henry Beauchamp Community Center is a part of OIC of Washington. With the main OIC campus located in North Yakima, the community center allows the organization to reach a different area of the community in Southeast Yakima. HBCC collaborates with the OIC food bank to bring food boxes to their location and set up a weekly food distribution on Mondays. This allows for OIC food bank services to be offered to a population that may not have access to the North Yakima food bank location.

The Harvest VISTA is able to use HBCC events for outreach and education opportunities. There are multiple events at the community center each year, ranging from holiday dinners to back to school events. Each event gives the VISTA a large group of diverse people to engage with, providing them with information and resources related to their project.