Boston Food Hub with Boston Area Gleaners

06 May 2022, by Admin in General/ Logistics

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Boston Food Hub with Boston Area Gleaners

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The Boston Food Hub has existed in some form or another for Boston Area Gleaners over the past few years but has expanded greatly alongside the purchase of Stonefield Farm, which allowed BAG to transition the program into a wholesale buying program, as well as hire a Food Hub Sales Manager. The Food Hub is an overall benefit to the Gleaners because it brings in limited revenue for sales (which donors like to see because it shows that our programs can be self-sustaining), it provides an avenue for farms to reduce their food waste by connecting them with buyers, and overall works towards a better, more sustainable local food system in New England. Many of the customers of the Food Hub are our same gleaning customers because, in Massachusetts, food banks and pantries get a certain amount of money per month to spend on food— so these organizations have been spending some of that money at the Food Hub. 

The Food Hub produce is high quality, and is sourced from farmers around New England. Every dollar spent helps local farmers stay afloat, and benefits Boston Area Gleaners to continue reducing food waste and fighting food insecurity— it’s a win-win!