Volunteer Recruitment at Kitsap Harvest

13.03.2023 in Volunteer Relations

Written by Katie Allen, Grow A Row Coordinator VISTA The Grow A Row Coordinator VISTA works with Kitsap Harvests Volunteer Coordinator to recruit and manage Grow-A-Row volunteers. Volunteers sign up through the Kitsap Harvest website and indicate which program they are most interested in, then…

Volunteer Relations with Spokane Edible Tree Project

23.12.2022 in Volunteer Relations

Spokane Edible Tree Project (SETP) had approximately 250 volunteers participate in the gleaning program in 2018. The number of volunteers has continued to grow each year, as SETP gains recognition throughout the community. However, as with most nonprofits, the difficulty comes in finding committed and…

Volunteer Outreach with Society of St. Andrew MS

21.12.2022 in Volunteer Relations

Through the Mississippi Gleaning Network, gleaning supervisors coordinate volunteers across the state to enter fields and groves after farmers have finished harvesting to pick up tons of good produce left behind. Volunteers represent groups from various religions, church denominations, youth groups, corporate and civic organizations,…

Volunteer Relations with WSU Jefferson County

20.09.2022 in Volunteer Relations

Recruiting volunteers for gleaning on the Olympic Peninsula is a test of persistence and creativity. There are no cities here and no big colleges or universities, and overall it is not very densely populated. Yet, there are many ways to spread the word about the…

Volunteer Outreach with Volunteers of America Western Washington

29.08.2022 in Volunteer Relations

Set up volunteer recruitment policies If working within another agency, utilize the volunteer manager or recruiter, and learn the volunteer recruitment procedures regarding training (onsite training or offsite before glean), background checks, court-ordered volunteers, discuss potential risks of the program and create parameters and policies…

Retaining Volunteers at Thurston County Food Bank

29.07.2022 in Volunteer Relations

Volunteers are the most essential piece of a functioning gleaning program. Keeping a well-trained and supported group of gleaning volunteers will lead to its success. The first thing to remember is that volunteer recruitment is never done. Gleaning is physically demanding, subject to bad weather,…

Engaging the Community with Second Harvest Tri-Cities

13.05.2022 in Volunteer Relations

The same laws that protect commercial donors apply to individual donors. The Federal Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act protects all food donors and gleaners from criminal and civil liability. With the liability issue covered, the focus turns to program development and donor recruitment. For this, marketing materials are…

Volunteer Relations with Tacoma Farmers Market

09.05.2022 in Volunteer Relations

Written by Samara Elaine Gonzalez, Fresh Express Mobile Market VISTA Y1. Updated by Danyelle Neumann, Fresh Express Mobile Market VISTA Year 2. Tacoma Farmers Market (TFM) provides volunteer opportunities for all ages, abilities, and comfort levels. There are numerous projects and areas within TFM that…

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