Volunteer Relations at Community Food Share

31.03.2020 in Volunteer Relations

During the 2017 season, 150 volunteers dedicated 6,000 hours of service to the Garden Share programs. This was an increase of 40 volunteers and almost 1,500 hours from the previous year when the VISTA was not present. In 2018, 300 volunteers worked with Garden Share through Earth’s Table, events, and gleaning. They dedicated nearly 6,000 hours of their time..

Volunteer Relations at the Community Action Center

19.03.2020 in Volunteer Relations

The team of volunteers that was created prior to the 1st year VISTA, called the Food Assessment Collaborative Team (FACT), consists of members from the Community Action Center, Backyard Harvest, Washington State University Center for Civic Engagement, Council on Aging, and various other community members..

Volunteer Relations with the Vashon Food Bank

13.03.2020 in Volunteer Relations

Harvest for Vashon volunteer outreach has taken on many different forms over the last two years, and a consistent factor to account for is the unique profile of island neighbors. The island has a population of 10,000, most of whom are elderly residents and young families..

Volunteer Relations with SoSA Georgia

10.03.2020 in Volunteer Relations

Volunteers represent one side of the triangle. Like most gleaning programs, the SoSA Gleaning Network depends on volunteers willing to give their time. Many people are looking for the opportunity to give back to the community..

Volunteer Relations with SoSA Florida

10.03.2020 in Volunteer Relations

SoSA Florida’s diverse volunteer base runs the demographic and geographic spectrum. Throughout the entire state, our volunteers represent various ages, religions, orientations, creeds, and ethnicities. Outreach and recruitment efforts reflect this variety. In person outreach occurs at hunger related or environmental conferences, religious services, volunteer expos, schools, and community meetings..

IRC Volunteer Relations

25.02.2020 in Volunteer Relations

The New Roots program has the benefit of access to the IRC’s volunteer and communications systems, the most notable of which are a large existing pool of on-call community volunteers and a dedicated Volunteer Specialist who manages requests for volunteers..

Volunteer Relations at Good Cheer Food Bank

25.02.2020 in Volunteer Relations

Good Cheer relies on over 3,000 hours of volunteer service each month, performed by around 200 volunteers. Whidbey Island is a tight-knit community; news travels mostly through word of mouth, and relationships are key to engaging and retaining volunteers..

Volunteer Relations at WSU Clallam County Extension

24.02.2020 in Volunteer Relations

The Community Food Projects developed by the first-year VISTA have not so far included volunteers because they are primarily still in the development phase. Volunteers have also been readily available when needed through the structure of each project. The first community meal pilot under the program provided a weekly lunch while a local meal-providing agency (Salvation Army) was taking an administrative break over the summer months..