Alternative ways farms can donate to food banks

09 May 2022, by Admin in Farms/ Gardens, General/ Logistics

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Alternative ways farms can donate to food banks

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Alternative ways farms can donate to food banks with Farm to Community at Harvest Against Hunger.

Through the partnerships made between food assistance programs and local farmers, our programs have seen a number of innovative ways that they can work together to increase the amount of healthy, local produce entering the food systems. Farm to Community programs typically operate by food assistance programs purchasing produce directly from farmers through various contracting styles, but many farmers have found creative ways to expand this relationship. 

One innovative way to help food banks support themselves while still financially supporting farmers is through selling seeds/plant starts to food banks who are starting on-site gardens. Many locations have opted to add to their available produce by growing their own crops, and local farmers can help offer hard-to-find or culturally relevant starts. 

Some farmers choose to offer sliding scale CSA’s to individuals who are lower income, helping to make local produce more affordable even outside of food banks. SNAP benefits can also be used at some locations, which helps to make them more accessible. 

Farmers that operate with an online storefront can help to subsidize food bank purchasing; using a donation button, farms can advertise the food access programs they work with to customers purchasing online (often CSAs). These donations can go directly towards lowering the cost of purchases made through food assistance programs, helping raise awareness of programming within the general community, and signaling positive values held by the farm.