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Welcome, Laura!

22.12.2022 in Harvest Against Hunger, Harvest Blog, Harvest VISTA

As a Harvest VISTA Leader in the AmeriCorps Harvest VISTA program at Harvest Against Hunger, Laura Kozuszek will be focusing on developing long-lasting strategies regarding program outreach, engagement, communications, and recruitment to support the 12 host sites around the country. The overall goal of the…

Welcome, Luca!

17.11.2022 in Harvest Blog, Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board

Luca serves with the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board (NPAIHB) as the Tribal Food Systems VISTA. NPAIHB is home to the largest Tribal Health Epicenter in the United States, with numerous programs focused on addressing the public health needs of 43 tribes they serve….

Meet Rhianna!

14.07.2022 in Elk Run Farm, Harvest Blog, Harvest Summer Associate

Rhianna Costiloe (pronouns: Rhianna/They/She/We) is Elk Run Farm’s AmeriCorps Summer VISTA Associate Service Member through the Harvest VISTA program. They’re at Elk Run Farm for 10 weeks, during the farm’s peak harvest season, alongside five high school students in the Summer Internship program. Together this…

Meet Fern!

14.07.2022 in Concrete Jungle, Harvest Blog, Harvest Summer Associate

Fern is an AmeriCorps member that serves as Concrete Jungle’s Programs and Operations Summer Associate. Concrete Jungle turns overlooked and underutilized fruit trees and land into a healthy food source for communities in need. Working with community members and other local organizations in Georgia, Concrete…

Meet Aleina!

14.07.2022 in Harvest Blog, Harvest Summer Associate, Thurston County Food Bank

Aleina is an Americorps VISTA member, serving as a Harvest Summer Associate in the Gleaning Program at the Thurston County Food Bank (TCFB) in Olympia Washington. The Gleaning program connects with local growers to pick up their excess produce and distribute it to the many…

Welcome, Bethany!

16.06.2022 in Blue Mountain Action Council, Harvest Blog, Harvest VISTA

As a Community Food System VISTA at Blue Mountain Action Council, Bethany is focusing on increasing access to local produce which includes continual building upon a robust and efficient local food system.  A large part of her work involves capacity building such as deepening current…

Welcome, Danyelle!

16.06.2022 in Harvest Blog, Harvest VISTA, Tacoma Farmers Market

Danyelle is an AmeriCorps member serving Tacoma Farmers Market as the Fresh Express Mobile Farmers Market VISTA in Washington. Her service will help to bring fresh fruit and vegetables to low-income communities where individuals and families can utilize the SNAP EBT incentive program. Her goal…

Welcome, Meggie!

16.06.2022 in Concrete Jungle, Harvest Blog, Harvest VISTA

Meggie serves as the Program Expansion and Communications VISTA for Concrete Jungle. Concrete Jungle is an Atlanta-based nonprofit that transforms overlooked and underutilized fruit trees and land into a healthy food source for communities in need. Partnering with dozens of local organizations to distribute produce,…

Welcome, Katie!

05.05.2022 in Harvest Blog, Harvest VISTA, Kitsap Harvest

Katie is an AmeriCorps Harvest VISTA member coordinating Kitsap Harvest’s Grow-a-Row program as the Grow-a-Row Coordinator VISTA. Kitsap Harvest (KH) is based in Bremerton but serves the whole Kitsap County area in Washington. KH has an established gleaning program that is very fruit heavy and…

Welcome, Vera-Camille!

05.05.2022 in City Fruit, Harvest Blog, Harvest VISTA

Vera-Camille works as a Fundraising and Development Specialist for City Fruit. City Fruit is an organization focused not only on the distribution of harvested orchard fruit throughout Seattle, but the establishment of new orchard sites, the fostering of communities around them, the training of master…