Elk Run Farm

Meet Rhianna!

14.07.2022 in Harvest Blog, Elk Run Farm, Harvest Summer Associate

Rhianna Costiloe (pronouns: Rhianna/They/She/We) is Elk Run Farm’s AmeriCorps Summer VISTA Associate Service Member through the Harvest VISTA program. They’re at Elk Run Farm for 10 weeks, during the farm’s peak harvest season, alongside five high school students in the Summer Internship program. Together this…

Welcome, Marissa!

29.06.2021 in Elk Run Farm, Harvest Blog

Marissa Acosta is from Black Diamond, Washington, a little town known for its past in mining. Marissa was raised with plants; her mother having a lovely garden and a hefty assortment of indoor foliage. Marissa’s own passion for plants began at the start of the…