New Harvest VISTA Summer Associate: Welcome Skyler!

16 Aug 2023, by Admin in Harvest Blog, Concrete Jungle, Harvest Summer Associate

Skyler Edwards serves as the Harvest VISTA Summer Associate at Concrete Jungle in Atlanta, Georgia. Concrete Jungle focuses on foraging, farming, and supporting food access across Georgia so that communities are well nourished in a world with no food waste. Skyler assists the operations team with produce delivery, community events, and scouting fruit trees and orchards throughout the city.

Skyler was born in Indianapolis and raised in Atlanta. She attended Georgia Institute of Technology and received a degree in Public Policy with a minor in history. Throughout college, Skyler studied ArcGIS mapping and created multiple urban agriculture focused maps of Atlanta and surrounding areas. Skyler has enjoyed interning in many areas of Atlanta and developing a strong connection to and knowledge of the city.

Skyler spends her free time reading, quilting, and hanging out with her friends. Her goal for this summer is to be able to identify fruit trees without using an app or book! Her current favorite fruit is grapes.