Gleaning Fruit Trees With Spokane Edible Tree Project

04.01.2023 in Orchards

Orchards.  Spokane County is lucky to have a network of about 30 fruit growers identified as the Green Bluff Growers. SETP has worked with about 8 of these orchards during the gleaning season and hopes to work with many more as they become more visible…

Tips on Orchard Gleaning: Yakima Valley Produce Market

09.12.2022 in Orchards

Volunteer Specifics If gleaning in an orchard, most of the fruit will likely be in clusters only accessible by ladder, but some should still be accessible from the ground.  Most groups or individuals participating in gleaning will come out for a few gleans and training…

Commercial Orchards with Community Services of Moses Lake

07.01.2022 in Orchards

Central Washington has an abundance of commercial orchards and fields, which provide a vast opportunity for produce recovery. The largest hurdle to partner with commercial orchards is the scale necessary to handle such opportunities. For example, a gleaning event took place at a 600-acre orchard….

Making the Most of Orchardist Donors

06.01.2022 in Orchards

When coordinating gleaning efforts in fruit growing areas, paying particular attention to orchardists as potential donors will likely provide a continual source of gleaning opportunities. While gleaning in orchards can result in an impressive increase in fresh fruit available in your regional emergency food system,…