U-Pick Program with City Fruit

07 Jan 2022, by Admin in U-Pick Gleaning

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U-Pick Program with City Fruit

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Written by Jordyn Egbert, Fundraising and Development Specialist VISTA

As part of City Fruit’s Harvest Program, they offer community members the opportunity to participate in their U-Pick Program. This program provides tree owners the ability to harvest their tree and then contact the City Fruit team to pick up the harvested fruit. All tree owners who participate in the U-Pick Program, register their tree(s) in City Fruit’s database, by filling out a form that populates from City Fruit’s website. All harvested fruit is recorded in City Fruit’s salesforce database and noted as a U-Pick Harvest. In the past, tree owners registered for the U-Pick Program on City Fruit’s website and then a staff member delivered harvest crates to their house, then returned a few days later to collect the harvested fruit. With limited staff capacity, this method of going to the tree owner’s house twice was time consuming for a small team. This year, City Fruit modified the U-Pick Program, requesting tree owners fill paper bags/boxes with their harvested fruit, and then a staff member picks it up. In addition to staff members picking up the harvested fruit, tree owners often deliver fruit directly to the City Fruit office. Both methods work well for increasing harvest capacity and the ability to distribute fruit throughout the Seattle community.