Refugee Garden Art Program at Iskashitaa Refugee Network

10.11.2020 in Farms/ Gardens

2020 brought many surprises to Iskashitaa Refugee Network, the most pleasant one being the enthusiasm and receptiveness to their programming at the University of Arizona community garden. IRN has had plots at this garden in the past, but this year was the first where there was such an overwhelming positive response from volunteers and refugees.

Fruit and Vegetable Picking at Concrete Jungle

09.11.2020 in Farms/ Gardens

Fruit and Vegetable Picking Concrete Jungle coordinates approximately 70 volunteer events per year, engaging more than 960 volunteers from the Atlanta metropolitan community. Through this work, Concrete Jungle educates participants on Atlanta and Georgia’s horticultural diversity and the hunger and health issues of our homeless…

Community Gardens and Plant a Row at NEW

07.04.2020 in Farms/ Gardens, Plant a Row/ Starts

There are several community gardens in northeast Washington. The two largest are in Colville and Kettle Falls, which are both towns with very active food pantries open four days a week. The community garden in Colville is owned and operated by a local church. This year they saw a continuing decrease in the number of individuals renting gardening plots..

Garden Share Program at Community Food Share

31.03.2020 in Education, Farms/ Gardens

Grow a Row is an international initiative that works to get backyard gardeners involved in donating freshly grown produce directly to their local food bank. We encouraged local gardeners to participate in the Grow a Row program as it has participants only commit a single row or container plant to be donated to the food bank..

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