Culled Produce with WSU Clallam County Extension

30.08.2022 in Culls/ Harvested

“Culling is the sorting or segregation of fresh harvested produce into marketable lots, with the non-marketable lots being discarded or diverted into food processing or non-food processing activities” -Wikipedia           The Clallam County Gleaning Program has a much less formal process for recovering culls compared with Fruit…

Cull Gleaning with Thurston County Food Bank

05.08.2022 in Culls/ Harvested

One of TCFB’s big farm donors was mainly supplying culled produce, or produce that had already been harvested. This produce can be anything that was sorted out as un-sellable, such as blemished or misshapen vegetables, produce that was not sold at the market, CSA boxes…

Harvesting Produce in Colville with NEW Hunger Coalition

17.02.2022 in Culls/ Harvested

Key Points Even when large amounts of summer squash, cucumbers, and other prolific vegetables are being donated by local gardeners, food pantries will still gladly accept the same produce from commercial growers because of its higher quality. Distribution is often the greatest barrier to providing…

Scheduled Cull Pick-ups with Fish Food Bank

14.01.2022 in Culls/ Harvested

The largest contribution of gleaned food at Fish Food Bank came from cull pick-ups. After farmers markets, growers usually have produce that will not last until the following market, which can be culled. These cull pick-ups were regularly scheduled for Monday or Tuesday – as…

Gleaning and Culls in CSML

07.01.2022 in Culls/ Harvested

Central Washington is home to many large-scale farms and every event can result in a harvest of between six and 40 apple bins, which can hold up to 1,100 pounds of produce each. Thus, transportation and storage are crucial when working with such donation volumes….

Culls in Clark County with Clark County Food Bank

05.01.2022 in Culls/ Harvested

There are over 150 farms in Clark County that sell to produce distributors, restaurants, and at farmers markets. Many of these farms are dedicated to growing only a number of selected crops and often run a surplus towards the end of the season. One example…

Walla Walla Pre-Picked Donations

15.10.2021 in Culls/ Harvested

Culls and harvested donations made a huge impact in the amount of produce WWCH received this year.  The Harvest VISTA would first contact growers to see how much extra produce was available and arranged a pick-up or drop-off.  WWCH has access to BMAC vehicles, so…

A Donation of Culls with SoSA Georgia

13.03.2020 in Culls/ Harvested

Before opening the second location in the metro area, much of the donated produce in Tifton came from warehouse culls. This is similarly simple to a market recovery, because it has already been harvested and just needs the planning and volunteers to pick up and distribute it out..