Marketing and Visibility with Spokane Edible Tree Project

04.01.2023 in Visibility

As an organization that was formed just a few years ago, marketing and visibility are extremely important for Spokane Edible Tree Project. The organization has spent a lot of time reaching out to the community to let them know who they are, what they do,…

Marketing and Visibility with WSU Jefferson County Extension

20.09.2022 in Visibility

2015 marks the second year of the gleaning project, but the first year for WSU Extension Jefferson County sponsorship (the previous year the gleaning project went by a different name). Therefore, a great deal of marketing was employed to promote both the concept of gleaning…

Marketing with WSU Clallam County

30.08.2022 in Visibility

Promotional materials are a must. Develop handouts and flyers for potential volunteers and donors. Materials can inform both groups and the general public or can target one group at a time. Flyers can be a poster-like and/or pull tab. For events, it’s great to have…

Getting the Word Out with Second Harvest Tri-Cities

13.05.2022 in Visibility

Garden Centers Establishing a relationship with local garden centers provides an excellent platform for promoting Plant a Row where gardeners are purchasing goods in preparation for and maintenance of their gardens. Some ways garden centers have promoted the program have been displaying posters and brochures…

Marketing and Visibility with Tacoma Farmers Market

09.05.2022 in Visibility

Partnering with other community organisations One of the most important things a business can do is understand the wants and needs of the target audience and community. Businesses or markets that are new to a specific location should first reach out to community partners that…

Be Visible to the Community with Kitsap Public Health District

21.01.2022 in Visibility

The gleaning program has grown fast as the community recognizes what Kitsap Harvest does and the impacts it is able to make. We’ve only scratched the surface for pounds donated, and accessing those in need. Much of the information referring to marketing and visibility are…

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