Marketing and Visibility at City Fruit

12.10.2021 in Visibility

Planning ahead is a key factor to increasing the size and scope of your program. Many community outreach events have strict application deadlines. Keeping track of dates and deadlines is critical, as such events are great opportunities to spread the word and increase your organization’s…

Marketing at Blue Mountain Action Council

12.10.2021 in Visibility

     – Contact the local paper/news station to do an article about the gleaning program.      – Partner with other non-profits in your community on a project, e.g. Community Food Forums in the community room of a low-income housing complex.      –…

Marketing and Visibility at Iskashitaa Refugee Network

09.11.2020 in Visibility

Iskashitaa is promoted in a variety of ways in order to reach the full scope of the clientele involved in their organization. This includes focusing attention on the various modes of communication necessary to be visible in refugee communities and other Tucson interest groups.

Marketing at Community Food Share

25.03.2020 in Visibility

These are the most successful marketing strategies used by the Garden Share program at Community Food Share: • Word of mouth was one of the most successful ways to get volunteers into the Garden Share programs. Volunteers that were already part of Community Food Share’s work were interested in how to get involved in other ways..

Marketing and Visibility at the Community Action Center

19.03.2020 in Visibility

The second year VISTA took on the role of creating handouts, flyers and posters through Microsoft Office for the classes and demonstrations that were offered by the Community Food department. The templates for all these advertisements were saved to the host site’s server so that they can be replicated and reused for future programs..