Marketing and Visibility with Spokane Edible Tree Project

04.01.2023 in Visibility

As an organization that was formed just a few years ago, marketing and visibility are extremely important for Spokane Edible Tree Project. The organization has spent a lot of time reaching out to the community to let them know who they are, what they do,…

Donor Relations with Spokane Edible Tree Project

23.12.2022 in Donor Relations

Spokane Edible Tree Project has a tree registry with a network of about 150 residential tree owners. They also work with numerous orchards in Spokane County. Various methods are used to recruit and engage tree owners throughout the year. Outreach. SETP’s backyard fruit tree outreach…

Volunteer Relations with Spokane Edible Tree Project

23.12.2022 in Volunteer Relations

Spokane Edible Tree Project (SETP) had approximately 250 volunteers participate in the gleaning program in 2018. The number of volunteers has continued to grow each year, as SETP gains recognition throughout the community. However, as with most nonprofits, the difficulty comes in finding committed and…

Volunteer Outreach with Society of St. Andrew MS

21.12.2022 in Volunteer Relations

Through the Mississippi Gleaning Network, gleaning supervisors coordinate volunteers across the state to enter fields and groves after farmers have finished harvesting to pick up tons of good produce left behind. Volunteers represent groups from various religions, church denominations, youth groups, corporate and civic organizations,…

Donor Relations with Society of Saint Andrew MS

20.12.2022 in Donor Relations

Donor Outreach Farmers’ markets: Walk around markets and mingle; talk to the growers or if someone else is selling for a farmer, find out the farmer’s name and phone number.  This is also a good way to see what is grown in the area Farm…

Local High School Pick-a-ton: Yakima Valley Produce Harvest

09.12.2022 in Partnerships

A Pick-A-Thon is an event that allows for two organizations to benefit mutually. A produce recovery organization benefits from a gleaning event for a day or multiple days, while the other organization has an event in which they can raise money. Northwest Harvest Yakima and…

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