Marketing with WSU Clallam County

30.08.2022 in Visibility

Promotional materials are a must. Develop handouts and flyers for potential volunteers and donors. Materials can inform both groups and the general public or can target one group at a time. Flyers can be a poster-like and/or pull tab. For events, it’s great to have…

Outreach and Communication with WSU Clallam County Extension

30.08.2022 in Donor Relations

It is never too early to start working on donor outreach. Unlike the growing of fruits and vegetables, building relationships with farmers, farmer’s market managers, and property owners have no off-season. Make it a routine goal to attend farmer’s markets, talk with local farmers, and…

Appreciation with WSU Extension Clallam County

29.08.2022 in Donor Relations

Everybody works hard to earn a living and to provide for themselves and others. In terms of a gleaning program, this includes the volunteers in the fields, food banks, and everyone in between. When a farmer has planned a season in advance, purchased from seed,…

Volunteer Outreach with Volunteers of America Western Washington

29.08.2022 in Volunteer Relations

Set up volunteer recruitment policies If working within another agency, utilize the volunteer manager or recruiter, and learn the volunteer recruitment procedures regarding training (onsite training or offsite before glean), background checks, court-ordered volunteers, discuss potential risks of the program and create parameters and policies…

Key Donors are Vital with Thurston County Food Bank

05.08.2022 in Donor Relations

Thurston County Food Bank (TCFB) has been gleaning between 40 and 60,000 lbs of produce each year, thanks to a few key donors. TCFB works primarily with six growers (5 small-scale commercial farms and 1 service club that grows solely for the food bank). In…

History of Thurston County Food Bank and Gleaning

05.08.2022 in History

The current gleaning program in Thurston County began in 2009 with an AmeriCorps member placement at TCFB. Previous to this, Olympia had a gleaning coalition independent from the food bank, but eventually, the main volunteer departed and gleaning projects hibernated. The current model is a…

Networking in Your Community with Thurston County Food Bank

29.07.2022 in Partnerships

Assess Potential Volunteer Sources Identify organizations and institutions in your area. Do they already do volunteer work? Hunger relief is an easy sell to organizations. When you tack on the added benefit of waste reduction it is even more enticing to environmentally conscious groups. If…

Retaining Volunteers at Thurston County Food Bank

29.07.2022 in Volunteer Relations

Volunteers are the most essential piece of a functioning gleaning program. Keeping a well-trained and supported group of gleaning volunteers will lead to its success. The first thing to remember is that volunteer recruitment is never done. Gleaning is physically demanding, subject to bad weather,…

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