Ideas for Informing Community with Seattle Community Farm

18 Jun 2024, by Admin in Visibility

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Ideas for Informing Community with Seattle Community Farm

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Here are some ways that we have found work well to inform the community about what we do:

  • Create a flyer template with a logo or design that stays consistent. People will begin to recognize the layout of the flyer before they even read the words.
    • We use our sponsor agency’s general graphic scheme, and always have a picture to draw people in.
  • When attending community events, take every opportunity to introduce yourself and your project.
    • If people don’t know who you are, prepare a 30-second explanation that you can use in any context.
  • Find out what websites potential volunteers, donors and/or supporters use frequently, and find a way to post your information on them.
  • In Seattle, each neighborhood has a blog where people can post events. We use this to make sure people know what’s going on at the Farm.
  • Do be careful not to rely too heavily on social media and other digital media, as not everyone has ready access to a computer and/or feels comfortable getting their information that way.
  • There are newspapers and newsletters of various sizes, and they all may be useful.
  • For example, the Seattle Community Farm wrote articles for the newsletter that goes out just to the neighborhood residents, and we also invited reporters from Seattle TV news stations to our Grand Opening.
  • Get your events and information about your project into the local newspaper. Either write an article or opinion piece for them, or invite a reporter to attend your event.
  • Highlight your partnerships, and ask your partners to do the same. Put their name and logo on your website, flyers, or other printed materials. If people know and respect an organization you’re partnering with, they are more likely to pay attention to what you’re doing as well.