Marketing & Visibility at IRC

25.02.2020 in Visibility

There are positives and negatives to marketing and visibility strategies for a small program situated within a large company. On the positive side, New Roots has access to the many avenues through which the IRC promotes itself and its clients, including Facebook posts, email blasts, and community events. Often, IRC programs..

Donor Relations at IRC

25.02.2020 in Donor Relations

Donation needs for New Roots often center around the emergency food pantry, and garden supplies. The IRC receives a great deal of community support, and the Development team often receives offers from community members and companies for donations to certain programs..

Donor Relations at Good Cheer Food Bank

25.02.2020 in Donor Relations

Whidbey Island has a large community of homeowners engaged in growing their own produce, as well as numerous fruit trees located around the South end. The food bank sees a steady flow of produce donations from the community during the growing season, and the fruit tree gleaning program was created to help prevent excess fruit from going to waste..

Volunteer Relations at Good Cheer Food Bank

25.02.2020 in Volunteer Relations

Good Cheer relies on over 3,000 hours of volunteer service each month, performed by around 200 volunteers. Whidbey Island is a tight-knit community; news travels mostly through word of mouth, and relationships are key to engaging and retaining volunteers..

WSU Clallam Marketing/Visibility

24.02.2020 in Visibility

Marketing and Visibility During the first year of the Community Food Projects, the VISTA’s work has primarily been building relationships – and therefore visibility and recognition – within the local community, specifically among other emergency food relief and food security groups whose partnership will be…

Volunteer Relations at WSU Clallam County Extension

24.02.2020 in Volunteer Relations

The Community Food Projects developed by the first-year VISTA have not so far included volunteers because they are primarily still in the development phase. Volunteers have also been readily available when needed through the structure of each project. The first community meal pilot under the program provided a weekly lunch while a local meal-providing agency (Salvation Army) was taking an administrative break over the summer months..

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