Donor Relations at Boston Area Gleaners

05.05.2022 in Donor Relations

GRANTSThe Development Team works all year to source and write grants that will fund Boston Area Gleaner’s programs. In the past few years, BAG has received large government grants (including a USDA hunger relief grant during COVID-19) that funded BAG’s large distribution programs. Grants were…

Volunteering at the OIC Food Bank

05.05.2022 in General/ Logistics, Volunteer Relations

Volunteer Process and Systems Overview Gleaning isn’t the only way to volunteer at OIC of Washington. Volunteers can donate their time at the OIC Food Bank, located at 1419 Hathaway Street in Yakima, Washington. The food bank is a part of the OIC campus, so…

History of the NEW Hunger Coalition

25.02.2022 in History

In 2011, Providence Health Care Stevens County identified hunger as one of the leading issues in Stevens County. With the goal of finding gaps in services, fourteen of the region’s leading organizations in supplemental food distribution were brought together to discuss the challenges they faced. What resulted was…

Outreach and Recruitment with Kitsap Public Health District

21.01.2022 in Volunteer Relations

The gleaning coordinator works to network with interested stakeholders, partners, and potential volunteers while showcasing accomplishments. Outreach, engagement, recruitment, and retention are the building blocks to a sustainable volunteer relationship. OUTREACH A successful gleaning program is reliant on a few invested volunteers and lots of…

Be Visible to the Community with Kitsap Public Health District

21.01.2022 in Visibility

The gleaning program has grown fast as the community recognizes what Kitsap Harvest does and the impacts it is able to make. We’ve only scratched the surface for pounds donated, and accessing those in need. Much of the information referring to marketing and visibility are…

Donor Relations in Kitsap County with Kitsap Public Health District

19.01.2022 in Donor Relations

OUTREACH  Start by attending events, coalitions, networks, and organizations that focus on food access. Farmer’s markets are an excellent place to begin having these conversations with farmers, the Master Gardeners volunteers, and many interested communities members growing their own food. The AmeriCorps member should work…

Volunteer Relations with Hopelink Snoqualmie Valley

19.01.2022 in Volunteer Relations

In your program’s first year, recruit volunteers in the community at gardening events, farmers markets, and churches. You can find out about these opportunities by researching upcoming events and scheduling tabling space to recruit from these locations. Contact schools as many have service hour requirements. …

Visibility with Hopelink Snoqualmie Valley

19.01.2022 in Visibility

When you first start your program, you will want to reach out to the media to raise awareness about your program.  If you are in a larger organization like Hopelink, work with the communication team to harness their expertise and already established relationships with media…

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