Produce Pantry Relationships with Concrete Jungle

25.04.2024 in Partnerships

While growing the Produce Buyers Club program, building relationships with the food pantries is crucial. It is important to establish a relationship with the organizations. Concrete Jungle uses the following ways to build relationships:  Establish Connection: The first part of building relationships is establishing connection….

Local High School Pick-a-ton: Yakima Valley Produce Harvest

09.12.2022 in Partnerships

A Pick-A-Thon is an event that allows for two organizations to benefit mutually. A produce recovery organization benefits from a gleaning event for a day or multiple days, while the other organization has an event in which they can raise money. Northwest Harvest Yakima and…

Networking in Your Community with Thurston County Food Bank

29.07.2022 in Partnerships

Assess Potential Volunteer Sources Identify organizations and institutions in your area. Do they already do volunteer work? Hunger relief is an easy sell to organizations. When you tack on the added benefit of waste reduction it is even more enticing to environmentally conscious groups. If…

Building a Strategic Partnerships with Second Harvest Tri-Cities

13.05.2022 in Partnerships

To succeed in retaining well-meaning volunteers or donors you must be able to demonstrate the necessity of their participation by connecting them with a problem that has a mutually beneficial solution. In the development of a PAR program those solutions may look like this: Community…

How to network with food assistance organization – Wholesaling

09.05.2022 in Partnerships

How to network with food assistance organization – Wholesaling with Farm to Community at Harvest Against Hunger Many farmers want to get involved in food assistance programming in their communities, whether to build wholesaling relationships, assist in community-building projects, or some combination of the two….

Collaborating with Community with Tacoma Farmers Market

09.05.2022 in Partnerships

Partnerships that rely on shared goals in the realm of food access often revolve around a target community, the food insecure population or the low-income population. Often, these two communities overlap. In general, a suggested first goal for an organisation serving historically marginalised communities, is…

Utilizing Farmers’ Markets in Walla Walla

12.10.2021 in Partnerships

Downtown Walla Walla Farmers Market In 2013, Walla Walla’s farmers market was split into two different markets. The two markets overlapped on Saturday from 9 AM to 1 PM, and while the Downtown Farmers’ Market had 26 produce vendors, the Valley Farmers Market had only 1-2 produce…

Farm to Food Bank Partnerships with Vashon Food Bank

12.11.2020 in Partnerships

When purchasing produce from farmers, a food bank acts like one large CSA customer or wholesale CSA customer. Securing grant funding is essential to support a farm to food bank purchasing system, and local food system programming is essential in the development of a secure food system in a community.