Celebrating Volunteers with Emergency Food Network

14.01.2022 in Volunteer Relations

Gleaning can be hard work and it can’t be done without dedicated volunteers and farm partners. The Pierce County Gleaning Project has made an end-of-the-season celebration an annual tradition. Not only are parties fun, but they are a great way to help retain and recognize…

Volunteer Outreach and Retention with Emergency Food Network

14.01.2022 in Volunteer Relations

Recruitment The coordinator conducted general outreach by hanging posters, posting on volunteer websites, and getting stories in newsletters for like-minded groups. Additionally, the coordinator worked with volunteer centers at local universities and community colleges to post PCGP volunteer listings. The coordinator also tabled regularly at…

Community Engagement in Pierce County

14.01.2022 in Visibility

Community Engagement Events Pruning and fruit tree care workshops, cooking demonstrations and garden workshops, panel discussions, book clubs, film showings are just some of the possibilities. In addition to getting the word out to potential volunteers and donors, the greatest benefit from these events was…

History of Pierce County Gleaning Project

14.01.2022 in History

A Jesuit Volunteer started the Pierce County Gleaning Project (PCGP) in 2009 at St. Leo’s Food Connection, (St. Leo’s), a large food bank located in downtown Tacoma. In the past, Washington State University (WSU) Extension ran a gleaning program in Pierce County, but that ended in the early…

Backyard Fruit Tree Gleaning with Emergency Food Network

14.01.2022 in Fruit Tree Harvest

Drawing inspiration from Seattle gleaning groups such as Lettuce Link’s Community Fruit Tree Harvest and City Fruit, the PCGP coordinator organized a fruit harvest in five neighborhoods in Tacoma, based on neighborhood council boundaries. While the second year of harvesting fruit trees has reaped more…

Community Giving Gardens with Emergency Food Network

11.01.2022 in Farms/ Gardens

The Share the Harvest program coordinator (job description here) supports interested community gardens in developing plots in a community garden designated for a local food bank/shelter also known as “Giving Gardens”. While many counties may not be able to support a new position, the Share…

Nutrition and Cooking Education with Emergency Food Network

10.01.2022 in Education

It is important to not only increase the availability of fresh, local produce in food banks but also to help educate the food bank population on how to cook, prepare, and store gleaned produce.  This is particularly important when gleaning more unusual crops. First and…

Registering Donors with Emergency Food Network

10.01.2022 in Donor Relations

Fruit Tree Donor Relations New Fruit Tree donors hear about the program through neighbor donors and word of mouth, tabling at events, newspaper articles, and community talks. A local newspaper highlighted the project in 2012 and brought a handful of new donors. The project has…

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