Volunteer Relations with Hopelink Snoqualmie Valley

19 Jan 2022, by Admin in Volunteer Relations

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Volunteer Relations with Hopelink Snoqualmie Valley

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In your program’s first year, recruit volunteers in the community at gardening events, farmers markets, and churches. You can find out about these opportunities by researching upcoming events and scheduling tabling space to recruit from these locations. Contact schools as many have service hour requirements.  Scouting groups can also be used, depending on the age group. If you work at a larger organization like Hopelink, take advantage of existing volunteer pools and procedures for recruitment.  For example, Hopelink requires all new volunteers to complete an online profile, background check, and attend an orientation for new volunteers. This process ensures continuity of experience among all volunteers and safety and can provide a deeper understanding of the host agency’s broader mission and wide array of programs, as well as an understanding of how your gleaning program fits into the big picture. These orientations can also serve as a great opportunity to recruit volunteers already drawn to your organization’s mission. Once established, the majority of Sno-Valley Harvest’s new volunteers were recruited directly from Hopelink’s existing volunteer pool or through the organization’s existing relationships with corporations, churches, and other groups seeking opportunities to volunteer.