The Henry Beauchamp Community Center at OIC

05.05.2022 in General/ Logistics

The Henry Beauchamp Community Center is found in Southeast Yakima at 1211 South Seventh Street. The facility offers a wide range of services, including a food pantry, a GED program, weekly food distribution, and youth and senior programs. A health clinic, kitchen, computer lab, gym,…

Volunteering at the OIC Food Bank

05.05.2022 in General/ Logistics, Volunteer Relations

Volunteer Process and Systems Overview Gleaning isn’t the only way to volunteer at OIC of Washington. Volunteers can donate their time at the OIC Food Bank, located at 1419 Hathaway Street in Yakima, Washington. The food bank is a part of the OIC campus, so…

Community Gardening and Education at OIC

26.02.2020 in Education

Despite the majority of Washington state’s food being grown in this fertile valley, people don’t have access, education or tools to it. Through a community garden, we can give individuals, especially children and clients of the food bank, an opportunity to learn basic gardening skills and grow their own fresh and healthy food..

Donor Relations at OIC

26.02.2020 in Donor Relations

Donor Relations for the OIC are split into two sections: material donations and food donations. The short but sweet first half is donations for the community garden. OIC Garden’s main donor is Lowes, and their contact person is Ryan Milton or Josh Rowhes..

Market Recovery at OIC

26.02.2020 in Market Recovery

Market Recovery Yakima Valley has an abundance of fresh fruits and veggies and the perfect venue to meet those who grow it is at the Downtown Yakima Farmers Market. Starting the weekend of Mother’s Day in May through the end of the growing season in…

Marketing and Visibility with OIC

26.02.2020 in Visibility

Harvest Against Hunger VISTA’s first year in Yakima was establishing and showcasing the projects and goals through community engagement and partnership development by starting to let people know what the program is by word of mouth, emails, flyers, information booths, etc..