Farm to Food Bank Partnerships with Vashon Food Bank

12.11.2020 in Partnerships

When purchasing produce from farmers, a food bank acts like one large CSA customer or wholesale CSA customer. Securing grant funding is essential to support a farm to food bank purchasing system, and local food system programming is essential in the development of a secure food system in a community.

How to Give Away Free Vegetable Starts (Vashon Food Bank)

13.03.2020 in General Resources

Providing vegetable starts to clients at your organization is a great tool to reduce food insecurity and empower community members with free fresh produce. Not everyone has the space, time, or skills to have a garden, so use vegetable varieties that grow well in pots and don’t need too much advanced work..

Fruit Harvest: When Abundance Becomes too Much (Vashon Food Bank)

13.03.2020 in General/ Logistics

Effective gleaning programs frequently run into this problem each harvest season: all of the apple, pear, or plum trees ripen at the same time, and an organization gets overwhelmed with more produce than clients can take. Here are some tips for making use of extra produce in order to reduce overall food waste in your community..

Donor Relations at the the Vashon Food Bank

13.03.2020 in Donor Relations

Creating a strategic plan for donor outreach makes the growing season more bountiful for farmers and food banks alike. Winter is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of farmer downtime to introduce one’s organization or build on an existing relationship..

Volunteer Relations with the Vashon Food Bank

13.03.2020 in Volunteer Relations

Harvest for Vashon volunteer outreach has taken on many different forms over the last two years, and a consistent factor to account for is the unique profile of island neighbors. The island has a population of 10,000, most of whom are elderly residents and young families..

Vashon Maury Community Food Bank

13.03.2020 in Previous Host Sites (WA)

Harvest for Vashon began in 2017 as a collaboration between two Vashon Island organizations dedicated to local food justice. The first organization is the Food Access Partnership (FAP), a committee of the Vashon Island Growers’ Association (VIGA)..