Boston Food Hub with Boston Area Gleaners

06.05.2022 in General/ Logistics

The Boston Food Hub has existed in some form or another for Boston Area Gleaners over the past few years but has expanded greatly alongside the purchase of Stonefield Farm, which allowed BAG to transition the program into a wholesale buying program, as well as…

Creating a Communications Plan at Boston Area Gleaners

06.05.2022 in Communications

The Year 2 AmeriCorps member for Boston Area Gleaners worked on creating a communications plan for BAG that would serve as a current and future document, to exist beyond the AmeriCorps member’s term of service. The plan serves to reach the goal of communicating the…

Running a Capital Campaign at Boston Area Gleaners

06.05.2022 in Development

For the capital campaign, the purchase goal included preserving the value of Stonefield Farm. The fundraising goal of $4.1 million included not only the full purchase of the 51.5 acres of farmland and conservation land on Stonefield Farm, but also includes the cost of improvements…

Donor Relations at Boston Area Gleaners

05.05.2022 in Donor Relations

GRANTSThe Development Team works all year to source and write grants that will fund Boston Area Gleaner’s programs. In the past few years, BAG has received large government grants (including a USDA hunger relief grant during COVID-19) that funded BAG’s large distribution programs. Grants were…

Gleaning Row Crops at Boston Area Gleaners

12.11.2020 in Row Crops

The majority of Boston Area Gleaners’ volunteer work is gleaning row crops in farmers’ fields. When managing groups in the field, the main priorities are ensuring that everyone is informed and engaged, maintaining the safety of volunteers and the land, and keeping the task running as efficiently as possible to maximize the harvest.

Running Group Trips at Boston Area Gleaners

12.11.2020 in Volunteer Relations

• Extending gratitude for the farm’s commitment to reducing food waste and increasing food access

• Citing the total amount donated by partners, in pounds & servings, and telling a story of where the produce went—with testimonials from partner agencies

• A rundown of the donation totals for the particular farmer. This is an official tax document and must include key language and data. Annual copies of this documentation are saved in the shared “Operations” folder on the BAG server.