Visibility with Skagit County Community Action Agency

06.06.2012 in Visibility

Program Image When trying to establish a new program in a community it is important that the program has a strong and consistent image. This sort of branding helps your audiences recognize the program and assures them that the program is organized and reliable. Part…

Permaculture with Skagit County Community Action Agency

24.04.2012 in Education

Permaculture for Sustainable Food Sources Mother Nature did it first, which experts recognized while developing permaculture as an agricultural system. Basically, food growing areas are designed to mimic nature, with integration of land, water, and plants. Efficient use of resources maximizes food production while minimizing…

Donor Outreach with Skagit County Community Action Agency

24.04.2012 in Donor Relations

Resources to Contact Local Growers State agricultural extension offices Local business and organizations that work with the agricultural community Food co-ops State agricultural insurance companies Food banks It is important to first contact these established groups with information about your program, and then ask them…