Marketing and Visibility at Iskashitaa Refugee Network

09 Nov 2020, by Admin in Visibility

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Marketing and Visibility at Iskashitaa Refugee Network

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Marketing and Visibility


Engagement on social media platforms is crucial in establishing and showcasing Iskashitaa in the community- locally, nationally, and worldwide. Iskashitaa has a part time staff member dedicated to posting Iskashitaa content daily. Having a designated staff for content creation, posting, and engaging on social media is imperative to self-promotion and education about gleaning, edible landscapes in SoAZ, and refugee issues.


This physical promotional material is another method of engagement for audiences not on social media. This medium increases accessibility of information about Iskashitaa because it can be printed in many languages and offers methods of contacting the organization other than email. Flyers are also easy to manage and a simple addition to any food bag or produce donation to promote Iskashitaa if Iskashitaa is the one donating food to another meal program or hunger relief organization.


Regular communication with specific audiences is leveraged for continued engagement with past volunteers and donors as a means to keep them informed and updated about Iskashitaa involvements and accomplishments. Each newsletter list has a different communication frequency: gardening newsletters are sent out weekly, harvest newsletters are sent out monthly, and fundraising newsletter are sent out as needed to all subscribers.


Recruiting and marketing to refugees is also an important and unique aspect of Iskashitaa marketing that distinguished it from most gleaning organizations. Iskashitaa promotes itself to the Tucson refugee community through partnership with the refugee resettlement agencies (Lutheran Social Services, Cathorlic Community Services, and International Rescue Committee) and other refugee support organizations (Owl and Panther, Tucson Refugee Ministries, Literacy Connects, and Pima County ESL). Additionally, the most effective way of recruiting new refugees is by word of mouth from other refugees. Iskashitaa is able to encourage this through providing food and promotional flyers in various languages to apartment complexes with predominantly refugee populations or refugee churches.