Community Supported Agriculture at the Green Urban Lunch Box

17 Nov 2020, by Admin in General/ Logistics

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Community Supported Agriculture at the Green Urban Lunch Box

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Community Supported Agriculture

When an individual becomes part of the Green Urban Lunch Box’s CSA program, they are supporting educational opportunities for those interested in sustainable farming, access to nutritious foods for those in need, and creative ways of revitalizing urban spaces, all while eating the freshest, most delicious food all season long! 

The vegetables, greens, and herbs that are placed in the weekly CSAs are grown by urban farmers and interns in training as part of GULB’s Small Farm Initiative program at the GULB community farm based in Salt Lake City. This program teaches new urban farmers how to grow as much organic produce as possible in a small amount of space using sustainable growing practices.  The fruit that is received is harvested in the FruitShare program, which actively works to reduce food waste while feeding those in need. GULB coordinates groups of volunteers to harvest previously unused trees in the Salt Lake Valley.

The CSA includes 20 weeks (June-October) of seasonal, organic produce which can feed up to a family of four, as well as email updates from our farmers and delicious recipes. Weekly shares are $700 for 20 weeks, and additional 20 week shares are $250 each. GULB has several pickup locations where subscribers can pick up their CSA shares, or GULB will deliver the shares to subscribers home for an additional $100.

On top of the Fruit and Veggie CSA, GULB also offers a bi-weekly Canner’s CSA and Fruitbox. The canning subscription is a mix of canning fruits and veggies that subscribers receive every other week to bottle up the summer. This subscription is $200 for 12 weeks. The FruitBox contains fruit harvested from the FruitShare program, and includes a mix of apricots, plums, grapes, peaches, apples and pears based on availability. This subscription is $250 for 12 weeks. 

GULB’s CSA, Canner’s CSA, and FruitBox earned income are unique ways for GULB to become more self-reliant as an organization.