Market Recovery Case Study with Community Farm Connection

06.01.2022 in Market Recovery

The first attempt to recover produce from the Thursday night Chelan Farmers’ Market yielded mixed results. The Farmers Market Manager was enthusiastic about gleaning produce, and also allowed the use of the Farmers Market information table for Community Harvest materials. A donation box was set…

Donation Station with Clark County Food Bank

05.01.2022 in Market Recovery

There are seven farmer’s markets in Clark County. Currently, there are two produce recovery stations: one at the downtown Vancouver Farmers market and another at the Salmon Creek Farmers Market. Together, these markets have over 300 vendors and attract thousands of patrons every year. This…

Market Recovery at OIC

26.02.2020 in Market Recovery

Market Recovery Yakima Valley has an abundance of fresh fruits and veggies and the perfect venue to meet those who grow it is at the Downtown Yakima Farmers Market. Starting the weekend of Mother’s Day in May through the end of the growing season in…

Farmers Market Recovery with Food for Others

25.02.2020 in Market Recovery

In Fairfax County, farmers markets are a gold mine for gleaning. Most of the farmers who sell at these markets are from more rural areas of the region and they bring truckloads of product with them since they know they can sell it at a…

Market Recovery at Good Cheer Food Bank

25.02.2020 in Market Recovery

Good Cheer is fortunate to have access to and partnerships with several local markets and farmers. The Bayview Market is a few minutes’ walk away, making access easy for the gleaners when they make the weekly trip to the market..

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