Grant County Fair Produce Recovery with Community Services of Moses Lake

07 Jan 2022, by Admin in Market Recovery

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Grant County Fair Produce Recovery with Community Services of Moses Lake

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WSU Extension of Grant/Adams counties approached CSML to determine interest to start a pilot project to recover demonstration produce from the Grant County Fair. The county fair displays an assortment of arts, crafts, and produce for competition. WSU Extension ran the agricultural demonstration building during the fair in the third week of August of 2015 and found that a lot of the produce was left unclaimed by owners. As a result, the produce usually does not get used and has to be disposed of. The purpose of the pilot project was to determine if the quantity and quality of the produce were sufficient to give away to CSML.

WSU Extension arranged for CSML to collect the unclaimed produce the day after the last day of the Grant County Fair. The AmeriCorps member brought collapsible crates for the fresh produce but had to be selective about what produce to collect because some produce had begun to rot. Nevertheless, the AmeriCorps member was able to collect over 300 pounds of fresh produce from the agricultural demonstration building. The pilot project showed that CSML and other organizations that they could benefit from collecting fresh produce from their respective county fairs. Collaboration with individuals running the agricultural demonstration is essential to determine how to coordinate the event and whether it is a viable project to continue.