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Welcome, Kyleigh!

29.06.2021 in Harvest Blog, Kitsap Harvest

I am Kyleigh Humes, Kitsap Harvest’s Summer Associate VISTA. I came into this role to build a foundation for my understanding of food systems. When I was going to school at Olympic College in Bremerton and living on Bainbridge Island the quality and accommodations at…

Welcome, Marissa!

29.06.2021 in Elk Run Farm, Harvest Blog

Marissa Acosta is from Black Diamond, Washington, a little town known for its past in mining. Marissa was raised with plants; her mother having a lovely garden and a hefty assortment of indoor foliage. Marissa’s own passion for plants began at the start of the…

Welcome, Aria!

26.06.2021 in Harvest Blog, Upper Valley MEND

Aria Knutson is a Harvest VISTA Summer Associate serving with Upper Valley MEND in Leavenworth, WA this season. Hi there!! My name is Aria and I have been living in Leavenworth for the past year. I was raised in Seattle, but I learned to ski…

Welcome, Kaitlyn!

24.06.2021 in City Fruit, Harvest Blog

Kaitlyn Ganrude is originally from La Crosse, Wisconsin. During her college career at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse, Kaitlyn decided to pursue a degree in Public Health/Community Health Education. She found that this path aligned well with her broad desire to help communities…

Welcome, Ife!

23.06.2021 in City Fruit, Harvest Blog

Ife Asabi is an Oakland, California native who has recently relocated to Seattle for a drastic change in scenery. Ife loves nature and all things green. A big motive for their move was to have the opportunity to get more in touch with nature and…

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