Welcome, Ife!

23 Jun 2021, by Admin in Harvest Blog, City Fruit

Ife Asabi is an Oakland, California native who has recently relocated to Seattle for a drastic change in scenery. Ife loves nature and all things green. A big motive for their move was to have the opportunity to get more in touch with nature and in exchange, themselves. They have spent a majority of their life competing in sports and learning more about how to better themselves for the growth and development of their own life and the opportunities that are to come. Ife was enrolled in the Social Justice Academy at San Leandro High School and is extremely passionate about bringing to light and educating themselves more on the precious knowledge that has been hidden from us. Joining City Fruit was one way for Ife to get both in touch with nature and give back to those who need it most, fulfilling two very significant aspects in life that they value. When they’re not spending time outdoors, Ife enjoys arts and crafts, creating music playlists, and conversing with loved ones.