Ways to Solicit Donations with Seattle Community Farm

14 Jun 2024, by Admin in Donor Relations

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Ways to Solicit Donations with Seattle Community Farm

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How to solicit donations and maintain good relationships with your donors:

  • Donors such as garden supply stores or seed companies are obvious, but others require more creativity to figure out how they fit in. For example, a design-build firm that focuses on architecture projects helped us create tables for a community space where we can hold potlucks at the farm.
  • Personal relationships really are the best way to get business done. Talking with potential donors about more than just your task can leave a good impression and make them more likely to donate.
  • Make sure to place a dollar value on any in-kind donations you get (this is important for reporting purposes). This goes for labor as well as goods.
  • Invite current, past, and future donors to come experience the project first-hand. We invite people to work on the farm as well as attend other events such as potlucks.
    • Sometimes corporate groups want to hold a volunteer day doing hands-on work. While they’re at your site, ask for monetary donations. Your ask will have more impact once they know first-hand what you do.