Cull Gleaning with Thurston County Food Bank

05.08.2022 in Culls/ Harvested

One of TCFB’s big farm donors was mainly supplying culled produce, or produce that had already been harvested. This produce can be anything that was sorted out as un-sellable, such as blemished or misshapen vegetables, produce that was not sold at the market, CSA boxes…

Key Donors are Vital with Thurston County Food Bank

05.08.2022 in Donor Relations

Thurston County Food Bank (TCFB) has been gleaning between 40 and 60,000 lbs of produce each year, thanks to a few key donors. TCFB works primarily with six growers (5 small-scale commercial farms and 1 service club that grows solely for the food bank). In…

Promoting Gleaned Produce with Thurston County Food Bank

05.08.2022 in Education

Once you have established a gleaning program and have fresh vegetables and fruits coming through your food bank doors, it is important to make sure that clients know how to prepare and cook with the produce. When you develop a great gleaning partnership, it is…

Food Bank Garden with Thurston County Food Bank

05.08.2022 in Farms/ Gardens

The Thurston County Food Bank hopes to one day have a full food bank farming operation, but in the meantime, they have a very successful relationship with a local service club to manage a food bank garden project. The Kiwanis Club of Olympia has garden…

History of Thurston County Food Bank and Gleaning

05.08.2022 in History

The current gleaning program in Thurston County began in 2009 with an AmeriCorps member placement at TCFB. Previous to this, Olympia had a gleaning coalition independent from the food bank, but eventually, the main volunteer departed and gleaning projects hibernated. The current model is a…

Networking in Your Community with Thurston County Food Bank

29.07.2022 in Partnerships

Assess Potential Volunteer Sources Identify organizations and institutions in your area. Do they already do volunteer work? Hunger relief is an easy sell to organizations. When you tack on the added benefit of waste reduction it is even more enticing to environmentally conscious groups. If…

Row Crop Gleaning with Thurston County Food Bank

29.07.2022 in Row Crops

The TCFB Gleaners worked closely with 7 small farmers in Thurston County, most of which grow diverse row crops for market or CSA (community supported agriculture). It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the growing season and the crops that these farmers will…

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