Local High School Pick-a-ton: Yakima Valley Produce Harvest

09.12.2022 in Partnerships

A Pick-A-Thon is an event that allows for two organizations to benefit mutually. A produce recovery organization benefits from a gleaning event for a day or multiple days, while the other organization has an event in which they can raise money. Northwest Harvest Yakima and…

Tips on Orchard Gleaning: Yakima Valley Produce Market

09.12.2022 in Orchards

Volunteer Specifics If gleaning in an orchard, most of the fruit will likely be in clusters only accessible by ladder, but some should still be accessible from the ground.  Most groups or individuals participating in gleaning will come out for a few gleans and training…

Farmers Market Donations: Yakima Valley Produce Harvest

09.12.2022 in Market Recovery

In 2012, Northwest Harvest piloted a donation booth at the Yakima Farmers Market.  The booth operated as a partnership between Northwest Harvest and a different hunger relief program each week (food bank or meal program).  These organizations, referred to as partner programs, used the opportunity…

History: Yakima Valley Produce Harvest

08.12.2022 in History

he Yakima Valley Produce Harvest gleaning program, hosted at Northwest Harvest’s Yakima warehouse, started in 2009.  The Yakima Harvest VISTA position has been the driving force for the development of a produce recovery project and has primarily focused on resource capacity-building (e.g. identifying and recruiting agricultural donors, organizing…

Culls for Community: Yakima Valley Produce Harvest

08.12.2022 in Culls/ Harvested

Northwest Harvest’s Culls for Community program utilizes commercial growers’ existing disposal systems to recover edible but unmarketable produce (culls) in large quantities.  Commercial farms typically sort produce in the field or in the packing shed to avoid accruing costs by shipping unmarketable produce to their…

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