Fruit Tree Harvest at Good Cheer Food Bank

25.02.2020 in Fruit Tree Harvest

Keeping a gleaning program going for the long term can be a challenge; volunteers come and go, tree donors may move away and sell their properties to new owners who aren’t familiar with the program, and the fruit harvest varies from year to year..

Market Recovery at Good Cheer Food Bank

25.02.2020 in Market Recovery

Good Cheer is fortunate to have access to and partnerships with several local markets and farmers. The Bayview Market is a few minutes’ walk away, making access easy for the gleaners when they make the weekly trip to the market..

Donor Relations at Good Cheer Food Bank

25.02.2020 in Donor Relations

Whidbey Island has a large community of homeowners engaged in growing their own produce, as well as numerous fruit trees located around the South end. The food bank sees a steady flow of produce donations from the community during the growing season, and the fruit tree gleaning program was created to help prevent excess fruit from going to waste..

Volunteer Relations at Good Cheer Food Bank

25.02.2020 in Volunteer Relations

Good Cheer relies on over 3,000 hours of volunteer service each month, performed by around 200 volunteers. Whidbey Island is a tight-knit community; news travels mostly through word of mouth, and relationships are key to engaging and retaining volunteers..

Food Preservation with Good Cheer Food Bank

18.01.2018 in Education

Beyond introducing new vegetables and working to convince food bank clients to take home unfamiliar produce, education can also include food preservation – what to do with excess fruit and veggies, or how to make the abundance of one season last into leaner times. Canning,…