Volunteer Relations in Leavenworth

07.01.2022 in Volunteer Relations

Volunteers are essential to the success of most all gleaning projects. In its first year, Community Harvest relied primarily on a small group of dedicated volunteers, so the second season was successfully focused on expanding the program’s volunteer base. In 2014, Community Harvest moved locations; as…

Making the Most of Orchardist Donors

06.01.2022 in Orchards

When coordinating gleaning efforts in fruit growing areas, paying particular attention to orchardists as potential donors will likely provide a continual source of gleaning opportunities. While gleaning in orchards can result in an impressive increase in fresh fruit available in your regional emergency food system,…

Donor Relations in Leavenworth

06.01.2022 in Donor Relations

Throughout its three years, Community Harvest has connected with a range of donors including small- to medium-sized independent farmers who sell to local markets, backyard producers, plant-a-row gardeners, farmers market vendors, and a handful of large scale orchardists. Establishing a large and varied donor base…