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Food for Others

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Website: https://www.foodforothers .org/

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2938 Prosperity Ave, Fairfax, VA 22031

Food for Others

Food for Others officially began feeding the hungry from its Merrifield site in 1995. Today food supply, storage and distribution activities are made possible by a network of active volunteers, supporting churches and organizations, grocery stores, farms, gardens, farmers markets, and retail food contributors. This is in addition to the receiving community centers, soup kitchens, and food pantries who together are dedicated to feeding the hungry of Northern Virginia. Ten staff members are employed full time, and are supported by volunteers in both the warehouse and the office. Volunteers contribute up to 68% of work hours, and are an integral part of the organization.

Food for Others provides free food to those in need throughout Northern Virginia. These resources are distributed in 4 ways: through emergency warehouse distributions, 7 neighborhood sites across Northern Virginia that occur on weeknights, 16 community partners, and the weekend meal program for children at 30 Fairfax County Schools. Across all programs an average of 1,855 families are served per week. Currently, the focus is on providing healthier foods to prevent the long lasting detrimental effects that poor nutrition can have on the community.