Summer Produce Pick-up at Community Food Share

31.03.2020 in Education, General/ Logistics

Most farms in the Boulder and Broomfield area are smaller, producing on 10 acres or less. With their smaller operation size, they also have smaller staff sizes. These farms find it difficult to donate as they do not have the means to deliver the produce they have after markets or when they have excess..

Cooking and Nutrition at the Community Action Center

20.03.2020 in Education

Teaching healthy eating to our clients promotes nutrition as well as knowing where our food comes from. Encouraging community members to make their own food and learn new skills gives them the opportunity to take control of their health and wellbeing. The year two VISTA was able to work with cooking and nutrition through the “demo kit” project. There were community members and clients of the CAC who came into the community kitchen at the CAC to test their recipes and teach them to other community members during food bank distribution in the same building..

Community Engagement with the Community Action Center

20.03.2020 in Education, General/ Logistics

Engaging the community in gardening, cooking and nutrition education has been about continuing the dialogue with key community stakeholders and members from the Palouse Tables Project. Maintaining and engaging those relationships as well as cultivating new relationships are all key components of community engagement. Cultivating community engagement was a key component of the Community Educator Program..

Community Gardening and Education at OIC

26.02.2020 in Education

Despite the majority of Washington state’s food being grown in this fertile valley, people don’t have access, education or tools to it. Through a community garden, we can give individuals, especially children and clients of the food bank, an opportunity to learn basic gardening skills and grow their own fresh and healthy food..

Food Preservation with Good Cheer Food Bank

18.01.2018 in Education

Beyond introducing new vegetables and working to convince food bank clients to take home unfamiliar produce, education can also include food preservation – what to do with excess fruit and veggies, or how to make the abundance of one season last into leaner times. Canning,…

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