Welcome, Anaistasia!

05 May 2022, by Admin in Harvest Blog, Harvest VISTA, Elk Run Farm, South King County Food Coalition

Anaistasia is serving in the Harvest VISTA Program with South King County Food Coalition in Washington as the Cultural Program Coordinator VISTA. 

Anaistasia is Western Washington born-and-raised, transplanted in Seattle the moment she turned 18. She sought AmeriCorps service as the next step on a lifelong path to empower others to improve their health. Her interests in healthcare delivery carried her career from Nursing Assistance, database development, patient advocacy, to applied restoration ecology and sustainable land management. Completing a BA in Health Studies with concentration on Health Policy, Leadership and Ethics, she deepened her interdisciplinary roots through post-baccalaureate study of botany and biology. Pursuit of her interests in Permaculture inspired her to complete Master Gardener training through the Washington State University King County Extension. Beginning April 2022, you may find her working Saturday clinics at the Lake Wilderness Arboretum or University District Farmers Market.

Between her education and career path, a strong inner compass drew her to veggie-slinging at various gardens, two farm stands, and one grocery store. Those experiences shaped her understanding that food is life and medicine. She found passion in the overlap between food, environmental justice, and chronic disease epidemiology. Experience with grief solidified her commitment to help improve outcomes for those experiencing chronic illness, and she serves in honor of her late Father’s outspoken value of public service as civic responsibility. Growing up with an aided deaf and legally blind parent, with 20+ years living with an undiagnosed genetic disorder and navigating new diagnosis, she finds purpose in life supporting others as they navigate grief, disability and chronic illness. Believing in the strengths of mutual aid, she is a fierce advocate for those navigating disability, neurodiversity, food insecurity, housing instability, healthcare inequity, and predatory finance practices. 

Anaistasia is thrilled to be selected for the Harvest VISTA position of Cultural Food Program Coordinator at South King County Food Coalition (SKCFC). She looks forward to fostering and expanding connections, making space for community education and food bank clients, to integrate our community’s diverse and valuable cultural food knowledge into food bank standards and programs. She is optimistic her strengths of creative problem-solving and resourcefulness will improve the health and overall wellbeing of her community. This AmeriCorps service is a huge step towards her ultimate career goal to become a Program Director at a nonprofit whose mission organizes mutual aid and advocates for community data-driven public policy.


“The people who give you their food give you their heart.” -Cesar Chavez