Celebrates: City Fruit’s Annual Gala

25 Apr 2024, by Admin in General/ Logistics

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Celebrates: City Fruit’s Annual Gala

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For the last five years, City Fruit has hosted an annual gala called “Celebrates.” Galas generally tend to be opportunities for non-profit organizations to raise funds for their programing, and City Fruit has added the equally important opportunity of “friend-raising.” Celebrates is an event geared towards bringing the community that City Fruit serves, Seattle and its neighbors, together in an effort to engage with members and potential members.  Celebrates also hosts a cider tasting portion of the evening, highlighting the endeavors of local cideries, some of which use apples harvested in the community.  

The work City Fruit does throughout Seattle wouldn’t be possible without partnering with local organizations and neighborhood volunteers, and Celebrates is a way to celebrate the generosity of neighbors and tree owners, and the community at large.  

City Fruit was founded in 2008, which marks 2023 as the 15th year of this organization.  This year, City Fruit raised over $22,000 from Celebrates alone, and had over 150 guests in attendance.  In addition to the requisite cider-tasting, the event hosted a silent and live auction, along with live music from Garfield High School’s band.